Megathread: Non-Lockdown Skepticism Related News Stories(May 7th, 2020)

I usually see ~70 shows a year.

Broadway has moved to doing online singing sessions and sharing of old recorded shows. If I wanted that, I would just watch TV/movies. The appeal of Broadway is live theater, the connection to/chemistry with the audience as an influence to the performance.

The longer this lockdown wears on, the less likely Broadway will ever come back.

I'm currently looking to live elsewhere this summer (need a car...and ideally insanely low rent since I'd be paying two places), but I love where I live and come September when I have to re-sign my lease, it's gonna be the toughest decision to stay in such a pro-lockdown city (where we will still be super pro-mask and stuff even if things are open) or live my life somewhere free.

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