men of reddit, how do you feel about women who don't shave their legs and why?

An error in what? In the Matrix? Or in NATURE?

Meh that guy's example was terrible, but I agree with the valid point/claim that saying "it's natural" means absolutely jackshit as a justification on why humans should like/dislike something, when humans lay outside of the food chain and are no longer animals that are entirely connected to nature, and who have evolved past being part of nature a long LONG time ago.

We survive in nature and adapt to it. Our animal ancestors had hair because they needed it to survive the cold. What you brainlessly call "it's natural we just have this naturally" are often traits that we gained during our evolution when they were needed, which are now no longer useful which is why we slowly discard these traits genetically (E: Wisdom teeth).

If you want an accurate comparison, then here:

How about you (The Karens making this bad argument) let your nails keep growing forever, since nails are natural?

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