MFW my girlfriend says my penis is bigger than all of my friends.

I should point out that this is really the only thing in the relationship that is an issue, but I'm a very sexual person and I don't pester her about that much either. She says constantly 'i have work on my mind.' She's even told me that she has thought about work during sex.

Her mother is bat shit crazy and raised her super Christian teaching her that touching herself will send her to hell etc. At first i thought was because i found a girl i can teach her what's up. She was a virgin until 26.

She's gotten over most of that and has a vibrator (from me) and I know she uses it in private. She never fingers herself or just uses her hands she just goes for power tools which i think has ruined her. I can never get her off and I've been told I give great head. I amn so frustrated with just her attitude about sex and fooling around. For example if I start something and she is into it great. If she starts playing with my dick trying to start something and I don't petty much immediately contort myself on the couch so I can play with her pussy then I'm being selfish and she gets mad and quits. I'm sorry but if you start playing with me and don't make the next move without asking me or signaling or something that is on you. I can't read minds. She is afraid speak up. Because I'm just thinking the whole time,

'What's she doing? Is she gonna suck it or just half ass play with it? Does she want sex or should I let her keep the reins? Is she giving me a random blowjibber or am I about to get in trouble for not reciprocating.'

Now I'm very vocal about what I want and need but when she starts I like to see where it's going first, she's gotten mad at me for taking over but also for not taking over. Why wouldn't I wait it out to see if she is gonna suck my dick? If you want sex then just day 'fuck me' or something.

I try talking to her about it but she gets all pissed off saying 'Stop treating me like I'm broken!' I've offered to see someone we can talk to but she isn't interested.

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