Michael Tracey: The political calculation of Bernie is obvious. He's trying to broaden his electoral coalition with appeals to Democratic "normies" and party insiders, among whom he knows any perceived "defense" of Assange would be toxic. So he just ignores the subject

That a calculation would be done on this for any reason, least of all to avoid political toxicity, is so off putting.

And even from a self-interested/political calculation standpoint, silence has no benefit and pure cost: - lost support of base - lost support of independents/Rs - no gain of support from party insiders who've made it quite clear (2015-present) he has no chance of ever winning them over (which is not a problem & arguably a positive).

As for democratic "normies" lied to by corporate media w russiagate nonsense, the right thing to do would be to be honest with them, not operate according to maintaining those lies bc of the false perception that it's easier or politically advantageous.

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