The migrant caravan heading through Mexico...

Yay I hope those people die. You people need help.

Personally, I don't want anyone to die, but Indo have a Heirarchy of who I care for. My family first then friends, then neighbors, then state, then country, then country my parents are from, then neighboring countries, then the rest.

Lots of innocent kids have been killed by MS13 and other Mexican gangs, cartels, criminals, Mollie Tibbets as well.

Anyway, I would rather live in a homogenous safe country with little crime, cheap education, strong financially, like Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and so on. But I can't just go with 10-30k Americans and force our way there because we don't like it here.

This shit is a paid psy OP for sure, I hope no one gets hurt, but one guy already got killed

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