A Modern Games Query

I am kind of fucking with you, there, but honestly just trying to get a point across.

Every time someone says something to the effect of that there hasn't been a truly great Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy IX, they instantly seem to become "pretentious". That, however, is just kind of true. There are aspects of the modern games that could have been great, as well as that they're ultimately pretty good, but there really hasn't been a game since IX that's really felt like a quintessential fantasy role-playing game.

Of me, however, you picked out a self-depreciating statement and then claimed that I was being "condescending". By "burgeoning intellectual", I'm trying to suggest that I'm not extraordinarily so, but somewhat well-read, and, by that account, do expect for a certain degree of depth from the games which they have delivered in the past and partially failed to as of late. Obviously, being thirty-one does exclude me from their current target audience, but, when I was in high school, Final Fantasy games were kind of geared towards people who were more likely to do something like read The Difference Engine than they were to listen to a Clear Channel radio station or watch television. Seeing that I've been meaning to, but haven't actually read that book, that, you can claim is pretentious, but, just noting that there ought to some depth to media that there ought to be some depth to isn't necessarily so.

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