Moira walks straight through me chasing a Lucio. I am 14 hp.

How does anyone even play with voice and text chat on!? Everytime I joined it in the past, it was the most immature garbage.

It's just full of toxic vitriol from immature people unable to control their emotional outbursts.

Voice and chat should be disabled by default.

Some games, with shitty picks on our side, I'll also just squelch the entire team because you can often tell at spawn from hero picks when it's going to be a shit show. And the first and easiest to blame are the supports. Hence why nobody wants to play them in OW2.

I'll get leavers on my team in comp as I'm on healer. And I just know that chat and voice are full of garbage because they're the one off feeding, out of position, or flanking that I refuse to run to them to heal.

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