Money can’t buy happiness — but it can protect from sadness, study finds

My $2000 car has a $2000 problem and I can't afford $2000 to fix or replace it. Depressing? Not at first, but it became depressing when I realized I'd be missing out on meeting up with friends, doing trips out to places I like, and noticing that I'm now doing the usual trip to the grocery store with a depressing walk of shame in the cold and rain amidst an endless herd of cars mocking my state of being as they effortlessly race by. Plus, as a single male in his 20s in a sprawling city, people seem to pretty often adamantly demand that I have a car and a job at the minimum, otherwise they tend to start doing a shaming routine somewhere between subtly and very overtly. Yeah.. All that kind of stuff makes it depressing. So what do I do? Jobs are the obvious answer, but each job placement is often competitive, with plenty of people interested in each job (particularly the more favorable ones) and probably not favoring of the guy who has been on a bus for hours and is kind of grumpy and tired because of it. Also, do I go for the painful job for the money or do I try to find something that won't be as... Well... Depressing... In this city, not having a working car is a major problem for making it to interviews on time with a fresh body and mind. Yeah. I'd say that not having enough income in comparison to the cost of living means significantly less protection from sadness. So what are my options? Do something random to try to make a buck, probably. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the kind of situation that inspired people to start spamming your email with penis enlargement pills. If 1% of you guys click on that link accidentally then maybe I can buy a new car, right? Yeah. That's depressing too. Having to decide between trudging through the often-shitty options of jobs or trying to find a less-thoroughly-taken spot on the monopoly board that is probably socially irresponsible but makes me enough money to fix my damn car.

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