My (21F) boyfriend (22M) has unresolved Oedipus complex?

Yeah, my last exboyfriend had one of these too! He was obsessed with spending time with his mother. It was seriously codependent. He didn't do anything in the household -- cook, clean, nothing at all except sit around, eat massive amounts of takeout and restaurant food, and play video games all day.

I'll be honest, I was such a sucker that the very weird and overly close mother/son relationship wasn't even what finally put me off the relationship... it should've been a HUGE red flag, though. What adult child (ha -- I guess I could cut the world "adult" off the phrase) is willingly living with their parent at the age of 30? I don't care what the "circumstances" are that enabled the living situation, it's weird, codependent and not something a secure adult would ever choose to do!

I would say RUN! This isn't something you can change in someone else!

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