My SO (26M) of 7 years and I (25F) tested positive for chlamydia. He's the only person I've been with sexually and I believe he hasn't cheated on me. Am I being naive?

A lot of times men can have chlamydia and not really even show signs of it. And they can carry it a long time in that way with no signs. This is true for several stds. I once dated a girl who later told me she has chlamydia. I never saw any signs of it on me but when I went to the doctor they just gave me the medicine for it and said it was cheaper to just treat me than to even check if I had it. Which I thought was odd. Apparently it's difficult to test for this in men. The doctor told us all this about how one of us could have been carrying it for a while but only she was seeing effects of it. Once you take this medicine and wait however many days you can say he cheated if it comes back. But for now the std is not proof really he cheated and if you're happy in the relationship then I wouldn't leave just over this.

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