My boyfriend is deciding whether to leave me because I'm infertile, and it's killing me.

Lady, I am telling you a story, it is my wife's and mine..

We met and when we were doing our PG. There were some drunken escapades and some accidents, and we were happy there was no accidental pregnancy..

We never realised that there was a problem..

We went on with our own careers, meeting when schedule allowed.

Parents finally got frustrated and forced us to get married (for us we were married and the certificate was not important ) ..

Then after few years we realised that some thing was wrong..

After lots of tests it came out we will need artificial help.

And after a long struggle (including bastard of a doctor) we at age of 39 have daughter...

So, what i want to say is your BF worth it? Does he have the maturity to be with you? You have to decide, lady.

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