Nancy Pelosi calls Facebook a 'shameful' company

I would argue that Google isn't as bad as Facebook. Google shows you snippets of webpages that are most likely to contain the answer to your search query. This keeps you on Google's search page and diverts ad revenues away from the creators that are actually producing the content and expending resources to make that content available, and due to the way Google runs its search service they usually don't pay for that content they display to you. And honestly, who would have the legal resources to go after them even if they wanted to?

This effectively kills content creators and can be used to effectively stomp out any kind of competition. Not even a company with as many resources as Microsoft can compete with them, and no investor in their right mind would back a start-up competitor to Google.

The beauty of Google is that it doesn't need to get you riled up, they just need to keep feeding you enough information from the things that do rile you up to keep you on their search pages.

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