I need a restart button for my whole body

You are so young! I am not a mom and I can imagine being a SAHM means it’s a challenge to find time by yourself, but I would encourage you to connect with yourself and find something - anything - that you enjoy doing with your body when you have time. There is so much more out there than gym workouts. Some ideas: walks with your husband, as another poster mentioned; birdwatching (will inevitably lead to walks); starting a garden; volunteering outdoors; yoga (Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube just started a new free monthlong program); a martial art; Qi gong or tai chi; learning about biomechanics through watching physical therapy videos; singing (surprisingly physical); trying new forms of dance on YouTube or other low-stakes venues - hula, flamenco, Jamaican dance hall, whatever! Try to find the most interesting or niche class and goof off... I know a lot of these ideas sound really dorky and earnest but who cares?? Also, since you mentioned video games, Pokémon Go is pretty dorky but it sure will get you out and about. I have played it for years.

I am new to this subreddit and I respect everyone’s experience and hard earned wins. I was about 25+ pounds overweight all through my young adulthood simply because I just wasn’t connected to my body and did nothing I enjoyed with it. Learning what I enjoyed after a lifetime of dreading gym class and feeling bad because I wasn’t sporty changed everything for me, and I didn’t have to count calories in a close way or obsess over any metrics. I became much healthier and I lost weight. I identify with you as an introvert; I don’t think it’s necessary to have a workout posse or join CrossFit or whatever.

I’m on this sub now because I gained weight during COVID and I’m looking for inspiration. I know it’s not as dependable as CICO in the shorter term for weight loss but I feel strongly that movement that’s enjoyable has to be part of the picture for healthier patterns to emerge over the long term.

Best of luck to you.

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