New cool term for uterus-havers just dropped

I voted for Bush in 2004. I voted for Obama in 2008/2012. Both were strong leaders and human beings in my mind. They stood in stark contrast to their open bents. I consider myself a moderate. The 2000 election I was too young but would have voted for Bush. In retrospect, in 2994 I would have voted for Carey. I have no regrets about voting for Obama in either election. Michelle and Obama are American dynasty, like Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt. I abstained from voting for Trump or Hillary. They both fail to rise to the office. Would I choose Hillary over Trump in retrospect? Sure. But I will never vote for the least worst lizard. I'd vote for Bernie hands down. I'd vote for a moderate hands down if they existed. I'm a moderate that won't vote for the least worst lizard. Stop choosing them in the primaries in either party and you've got my vote. I just want a human being to be president.

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