Nightmares about my dad

Yes and what annoys me is that I was told all this was normal growing up. Then it turned into it never happened.

But as an adult I'm suddenly hearing these stories from my mom, "oh yes your father had a temper, my mom really hated that and disagreed with it, didn't like staying with us". So even my own grandmother saw what he was doing was wrong and disagreed with it? But I had to sit there for my whole childhood thinking that men were normally like this???

One time when I was in my teens, I must have done something to set him off and he was chasing me around the house. I can barely remember it, even though compared to a lot of the stuff I remember it was recent-ish (teens)... but my mom called the police on him because he just wouldn't stop chasing me. I'm not sure why this scared my mom, because I don't remember being hit this time, I was just being chased for ages around the house. Police did jack shit.

I thought I was a big reason in my parents eventual divorce. I begged my mom for years to divorce him. I remember talking to her about it around the time it happened. And it did.

Now in my adulthood, she expects me to talk to him, respond to his messages, calls, be nice to him, go down and see him at his house etc. It's like she got to get away from him - when I told her to - but I'm forever stuck with him and expected to be there for him?

I'm being told I'm mean for not really liking him. "He's your father". Yet she gets to just move on and NOT have to do that shit?

Why??? I don't get any of this. Sorry for the life story / rant. I hope life is good to you!

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