Nobody should have to work 1/3rd of their lives, for over 40 years, to retire at ~60 just to finish off whatever is left of their lives.

You will work more than 8 hours a day

You will expend even more hours on job-adjacent tasks, such as your commute.

You will expend additional hours on joyless necessities such as buying groceries, cooking when you don't want to, cleaning, and whatever side errands.

Not to factor in just needing some downtime because you're so fucking exhausted from it all. Not time to yourself to enjoy your life, just time to do nothing.

Idk man, I also don't see what the point of this is. Do I really exist to wake up, drive to work, do my work, drive back, make food for myself, eat, and be tired for 2 hours before bed, repeat until I'm 65? How do you even remember how to live when you haven't done it for 45 years?

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