Norway compared to US

First of all, the population of the United States is 62.2 times larger than that if Norway, which means, the universality of Norway doesn’t work in the United States.

Second, the only reason America has a low life expectancy is because American citizens have the freedom to be as unhealthy as they want, which, in turn, gives Americans the freedom to live the healthiest way possible. That’s why there are 700lb land whales and jacked dudes with 7% body fat.

Third, people in Norway make a lot more money than the respective Americans because the income tax rate in Norway is higher on average.

Stop making America look like such a bad place to live. It is indisputable that America is the single best country to live in for all people of all walks of life in the history of the world.

Do you want to invent something new so show the world and make lots of money off of? You can do that in America.

Do you want to live as healthy as possible, eating the healthiest foods and taking care of you body to the fullest? You can do that in America.

Do you wanna eat 3 burgers a day with large fries and large drinks, gaining weight and being bed ridden for the rest of your life? I don’t know why you would want to, but you can do that in America.

In America, freedom rings. A beacon of freedom is what America is. Not go hate a country that is actually terrible. There are plenty.

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