Outrage grows surrounding deadly deputy-involved shooting in Volusia County

I'm not a troll, you are just a bunch of idiots who have an unrealistic "fuck the man" attitude that is fundamentally at odds with the way the world works and often at odds with the facts. And while you suggest I am defending the justice system, I can assure you I do more in a day to make a difference than you will do in a lifetime. I find the attitude of "throw judges in jail" and "cops are murders" to be obnoxious and counter productive. This sub is filled with the uneducated opinions of a bunch of children and it's absolutely horrifying. There is no room for nuanced thinking, questions, or even facts that don't fit the narrative. The sole reason this account exists is because the hive mind will blow any account that is deemed "pro cop" out of the water. So I have this one just for posting replies to idiots. Bring on the downvotes, and while you click your mouse know this --

I am making a real difference in people's lives, actually making changes in the law, getting new laws passed, and getting people out of jail. Just this year, I was responsible for getting 3 lifers out. Last year, I won two cases that have helped dozens of defendants to obtain fairer trials. What are you doing, aside from saying stupid, factually incorrect things on a sub filled with people who do nothing but reinforce your incorrect understanding of the law and the world. You folks, as a whole, just whine on the Internet. Maybe you stood in the road a month back. How much difference have you made, how have you prepared yourself to make a difference. What do you do to change things aside from posting here.

saying retarded things like the judge should be prosecuted for manslaughter and then claiming its somehow related to slavery is so wrong it actually makes me angry. Odds are, the guy who posted that doesn't know what manslaughter is, doesn't understand issues of causation, duty, and the other important legal concepts. In other words, at best his statement was an empty phrase bereft of any actual understanding of what his words implied. If you don't know what you are talking about, don't speak. As someone important once said, " it's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

All I want is for people to think about what they say before they say it. If you want to claim the judge should be prosecuted be prepared to state your legal authority. If you can't, keep your mouth shut because you are either speaking in hyperbole or talking out your ass. In either case, it detracts from the conversations we all should be having.

If you want to talk about unjustifiable use of force, do that. If you want to talk about the requirements for a no knock do that. If you want to talk about the war on drugs and the imprisonment of wide swaths of communities do that. But don't say something stupid and then double down on it when someone calls you out on it.

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