Overcoming Sticking Points


Sticking point close to the chest:

Weak muscles: Pectorals & Anterior Deltoids & Lats

Sticking point mid-way (elbows at 90 degrees):

Weak muscle: Anterior Deltoids

Sticking point during the last portion of the press (past 90 degrees):

Weak muscle: Triceps

Acceleration Exercises:

    Speed Bench

    Paused Bench

    Bench with Bands

Working on Weak Muscles:

Pectorals –

    Dumbell Bench Press

    Floor Presses

    Wide Grip Bench Press

    Chest Dips

    Incline Bench Press

Anterior Deltoids –

    Military Press

    Dumbell Front Raises

    Arnold Press


    Pull Ups

    Lat Pull Down

    T-Bar Row


    Close Grip Bench Press

    Tricep Dips

    Tricep Pulldowns

Strengthen the Zone

    Pin Bench

    Board Press

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