Paddock had wired $100K to the Philippines (home country of his girlfriend) a week before his shooting rampage

Look at you basking in this like your some sort of messiah and all proud that you can shove this into your stupid little narrative and act all like you think you know it all you should be ashamed of yourself my fucking cousin died sunday night and here you are sensationalizing a tragedy and you sit there behind the fecade of your computer screen happy that someone did this. Your sick and horrible and a waste of a decent education there are good people out there great people who would never have wasted half the opportunities youve had and you spent so many years wasting them on hatred and bigotry and self loathing and then expect people to feel bad for you when you throw them a pity party after you get revealed as who you really are

you waste all your free time and privilege producing a mountain of shit and are upset that your personal life didnt turn out like you wanted well shit in shit out you put nothing but shit out there in the world and cry to the internet when you dont get gold back as if your magic formula to produce shit was a form of alchemy and you were going to actually get something quality out of life from it

there are people out there good people who would have done wonderful things and left the world a better place than the way it is when they entered this life but instead of them scum like you made it into the 7% and what have you done with that time on this world other than sit there and get excited that 60 people are dead and 500+ are injured just because the perpetrator had an asian gf and you use this education and privilege to influence the impressionable and weak minded people out there to join you in your self-created misery you make me sick to my stomach.

You go and brag about Keanu Reeves well hes lived a very shitty life but had privilege and look what he did with it he donated everything he made from the matrix movies to cancer research

Everyone knows who you are and what youve done now and I hope your three hypothetical kids that you claim you have and couldn’t have had without paying fines to the family planning policy for at least one of them grow up to be nothing like you and find out who you are and hate you the way you hate your own family and the way you hate your own self

Your truly sick and i hope you either go to a shrink and fix your shit or have to sit in your room as a sad old miserable man like Oliver Sipple except he didnt deserve to die alone and miserable all he ever did was jump on a deranged woman with a gun and save a president from being assasinated and his life got ruined but you. you sit here and glorify the beverly hills shooter guy to the extent of near-encouragement of this horrible behavior and you get to have the chance to do anything you want with your life but you waste it

go crawl back into your hole and figure out how to do something selfless like figure out how to get your wife to love you again or maybe follow daryl davis’s lead and change your racist fathers mind with compassion and influence people who have marginalized you with kindness instead of creating an us and them problem so you can dehumanize the them and cause more hurt.


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