‘People aren’t taking this seriously’: experts say US Covid surge is big risk

It's this, largely. Not every case of covid is bad or fatal. Mine was essentially a bad cold. Stop shaming people for not being afraid of what's essentially a cold for 98% of people who get it. We did what we could to protect the weakest of our population while they worked out vaccines, but I'm simply not scared of covid because at this point I've done literally everything I could, I'm triple vaxxed, and I just don't get that sick when Ive gotten it. I didn't even lose my sense of smell. Like sorry, I'm not willing to not see my loved ones and wear PPE every time I go out bc I don't want a sore throat. If you're someone who has a weak immune system then yeah do what you gotta do, but the rest of us have to carry on at this point.

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