people that don't know what they are ordering.

The manager of my bar recently started bartending as a second job at a different bar. Our bar is a craft beer and bourbon joint with very limited amount of other liquors. We have bourbon and moonshine mixed drinks, but you’re hard-pressed to order a typical cocktail more complex than a screwdriver or a gin and cranberry. (So no tequila sunrises, no red-headed sluts, no green tea shots, no cosmos, ... You get the idea.)

Boss’ new bar, however, is a full bar in a nice town and he’s still getting used to. He had somebody order a martini. Dude didn’t want it dry and in fact specified only one olive. “Any vermouth?” Just a splash. Boss mixes it up and hands it over. Dude raves about it. Says it’s perfect. Later, boss noticed a little bit of dark liquor sitting on the bar and thought about it for a beat. Then he realized he never actually added the vermouth.

Dude loved his martini glass full of gin with one olive.

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