People who follow Trump's advice and hang around watching polling places will be prosecuted, Nevada's attorney general says

Yeah, wel unfortunately that’s not the entire truth from Mr. Nice Guy here. I responded to a post, some guy gave me a wicked patronizing response, I responded to that with with an asshole comment, and then Mr Personal Attack here decided to be an asshole to me to defend an Internet strangers honor(?). The rest is just sad tale that honestly shines a bad light on both of us, but Teflon Man is of the opinion only he is allowed to be the defender of Internet Rights or something. He tried to defend himself by saying he only targets offenders and never throws the first internet punch, but in reality he does the same shit that offended him, plus he likes to go around correcting peoples grammar like it’s his job.

So now, yes I am doing it to him because it’s a slight aside to my normally sad, dreary life.

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