This is a picture of a buddy of mine, yes that is human feces.

From what I understand, originally this fetish developed as my friend was reaching puberty, he would often defecate and then proceed to investigate his feces for various food items, pills, and organic matter as a matte rof curiosity. As he tells me, as he reached puberty, the drive for sexuality got mixed up with his desire to investigate his feces, and he began expanding his feces investigation to also combining it with sexual experimentation. For example, he would try masturbating, using the lubrication from the feces to provide a concistent contact with his hand and the had of his penis. It just sort of went from there, but he was a very shy person and did not branch out to more elaborate levels of fesh until his early 20s, when he met his first girlfriend. Basically, and I don't want to go into all the details, they would both participate in this sort of fetish, and both of thir feces would be used for this purpose.

As some of the posters here alluded to, it takes quite a bit of feces to cover ones body like that, so him, his girlfriend, and her girlfirend (she was bi), would all communally combine this feces into a bathtub, and mix it with water, and let my friend roll around it in it until he was covered. I don't know all of the details, but apparently he would usually masturbate, while the two girls also masturbated. I do not think that there was ever any intercourse between the feces covered person and the girls, but I could be wrong, I can ask him but I doubt he will go into those details.

From what I understand, after that original relationship, he would meet people online and get together with them and do this, mostly women, but occasionally guys. I personally never participated in this with him, because we were just friends and he would tell me it in passing and just show me various photographs. I personally find it a bit repulsive, but totally understand that everyone finds different things attractive.

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