Playing Ark: Survival Evolved as tribeless. Don't be the Dodo, be the Raptor

Let me illustrate the kind of in game economy this mindset belies. Carry your Raptor into the end game.

It isn't that a Raptor doesn't collect, he collects only what he needs. It isn't that a Raptor doesn't build, he builds only what he needs. It isn't that a Raptor doesn't tame, he tames only what he must.

That which is in excess will be lost. So leave everything for everyone and nothing is lost.

Many Raptors early on have no need for Metal, but much need of berries.

Look at it this way, the Raptors look at experience as the ultimate resource, because it cannot be taken. So a Raptor does not fear death, a Raptor embraces this. Conflict isn't avoided it is rewarded. Raptors who greet each other know each other. They test each other and strengthen each other through conflict.

a Raptor fights all and is ally to all who fight. That is the Raptor.

A dodo, fights the Raptor from behind his wall. This wall symbolizes the unfair advantage.

the dodo only fights the weak Raptors, as it is alive only because it does not attack the strongest Raptors.

A Raptor who culls the weakest dodo, remains a Raptor by paying homage to the death. This is to atone for the sin, and encourage the dodo to evolve.

imagine you are a new player. You have just spawned. You are alone and naked on the beach. someone see's you. They are on a massive T-Rex clearly made of metal. They are completely decked out in armor. He dismounts and greets you. He tells you he is a Raptor and that you are dead. But he takes off his armor, and places them in a box he has just made. And fights you using his fists. It is hardly a contest as he is a much higher level, but you taste your first death as fairly as this Raptor can manage. And he gives you a leather shirt. Then, if you've chosen to return to your body and find this leather shirt, you have entered the arena again. He fights you in this manner until either of you are bored, or he can no longer because you have all his things and so he dies. If you are the Dodo, you will not pay homage to this death. He has nothing. You have the unfair advantage. You will take his things and leave. If you are the Raptor, you must leave him the last item which caused unbalance, and fight again. The victor of this contest will keep everything he desires. He maintains being a Raptor by only keeping what he must. Before each contest begins, the wager is always set. The Alpha Raptor, the Raptor with the greatest advantage, sets this wager by granting the Beta the same tools used by the Alpha. The Beta Raptor sets this wager, when he is choosing everything he carries always. I.E. an Alpha with a bow, but no armor, can grant a Beta with only a spear and no armor, a Bow as a wager. Meaning, on top of homage, this is a gift for the supposed deceased. This wager is also the limit to which the Alpha is able to arm himself. In this manner, spawnzones become combat arena's for players of all levels to Contest each other without as much need for the hostility of base destruction.

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