Protestors entered the building at 9pm, police video released at 9:30pm, video filmed at 5pm.

First of all, fuck off with your condescending bullshit, talking down to me like I'm a literal child. I've spent a lot of time working in China, especially in these cheap workshops. I still have a lot of friends over there. They know a lot more than you think, they are just oddly paralyzed against doing anything against the status quo.

To think that in this day and age China would roll out their military and slaughter people is absolutely preposterous. Name the last time and place you saw their active military do ANYTHING out in the open. Don't worry, I'll wait. Oh? You can't? Yeah that's because China does care about their image. A lot has changed since Tiannemen Square and they have learned even more. The Chinese communist machine has made a lot of people rich since then, doing something so brazenly stupid and out in the open would jepordize all of that. People like to say "Well, moving supply lines won't be done overnight", but I'm not talking about that. China makes a shit ton of money off of investments like in their belt and road initiative and silk road. It's much, much, much easier for countries to turn away their investment and be able to showcase their morality, than it is for them to step using them as producers. China is run by money, and that is a powerful motivator. That's the reason you haven't seen them do anything on the scale of Tiannemen again, they learned from their lessons of the past. They can't control millions of people instantly uploading their massacre. Today's China exists solely because and to make money for it's elite ruling class, an act like this would shake the very foundation of China's soul... And they know this.

I'm not defending them, they just take care of their business in a much more subtle way. Shuffling off thousands/millions of Muslims to camps, disappearing difficult celebrities overnight, arresting dissidents like An Wei Wei, strictly controlling internet and press access... They know what they are doing and it's a much more controlled but subtle enforcement of power. They would NEVER roll tanks on its people again and for you to suggest otherwise just shows that you are an armchair redditor who not only doesn't know their elbow from their asshole when it comes to world affairs, but has no problem talking down to people who actually understand the situation as if they are the expert.

Check yourself, you are out of your league here.

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