PTS Patch Notes 6/5

The recent changes to the Butcher on PTS have been reverted and the Carv recoil buff applied; this will be the live version of the Butcher next update
New awareness/render changes (experimental)
    Infantry with long ranged weapons (including rockets and AV MAX) can now be rendered/damaged at much greater ranges
    Number of bug fixes for Anti Materiel Rifle including new name “AM7 Archer”
    New stats for Anti Material Rifle
TR MAX Lockdown deploy/undeploy times have been modified
    Undeploy time changed from 2 seconds to 1 second
    Deploy time changed from 1 second to 2 seconds
Spawn Rules Changes
    Spawn beacons will now be range based, initial distance is set at 600 meters
    Squad spawn on vehicles is now limited to 600 meters if the vehicle is within either an enemy region or friendly region that is being contested (capped).
    Squad spawn on vehicles within friendly uncontested regions has no range limit.
    Squad spawn point will now be the closest available spawn point in the region that has the most amount of squad members
Conquest Scoring Iteration and fixes
    Scoring and Win Condition overhaul
        The goal is to reach 15,000 points
        Kills still award 1 point
        Points from bases are calculated every 10 minutes
            Facilities (Amp Stations, Biolabs, Tech Plants) = 500
            Large Outposts (bases connected to the lattice) = 150
            Small Outposts (bases not connected to the lattice) = 10
    Initial territory ownership has been modified to be balanced
    We've re-enabled redeploying, but have limited the spawn options
    Fix to the zone shutting down in a timely manner, so the next match will start quicker
    Fix to the alert not shutting down correctly which was causing the extra point earn

In Addition:

Instant Action changes have been on PTS for a while and we may have neglected to call them out
    Instant action can now place players at any fight where their empire population is within 20% of an enemy’s population
    Instant action will now spawn you at your empires closest available spawn point to the action; this includes Sunderers and base spawns.

Changes still being worked on (Coming Soon)

Spawn Beacons will now be platoon wide, this means that any Beacon placed by a SL will be a valid spawn point for any platoon member within range.
Spawn Beacon cooldown timer will be squad based, meaning the remaining cooldown time will transfer to newly promoted squad leaders.

Known Issues:

Pressing squad deploy hotkey or squad deploy button will bypass the spawn on squad rule and allow squad members to spawn on the leaders
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