Questions about face sitting

  1. Very normal to me, but I guess people see it as either normal or borderline kinky?
  2. I'm very addicted to it to the point I consider myself as having two sex organs (maybe three?) and hope any woman with me long enough will think of me like that too. I think about eating pussy more than anything else, including bjs and fucking. It's a powerful need for me. I haven't gotten to try ass yet - sadly I have too little experience. But my mouth is something a woman needs to satisfy as much or more than my cock.
  3. I'm not a woman, but I definitely want to understand women more and knowing what it would feel like would definitely deepen my understanding.
  4. I need to touch every bit of it if I can.
  5. I'm not sure about size of those parts, but I consider them part of the full package. It's alluring to be able to kiss and lick a woman's inner thighs and ass crack as much as the main course...or any other part of a woman. Haven't experienced a lot of butt kissing/licking, but I know that I'd love it if I needed to do it for a woman.
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