r/StudentLoanDefaulters Mod takes stance against vaccines and liberal media. Permabans anyone who disagrees with him.

Oh no you got a choice, agree to the amount or die. Similar for universities, agree to the amount or more than likely work much worse jobs for the rest of your life with basically no chance for advancement (for a majority of a people).

I just can’t believe someone would look at an 18 year old kid, look at the system they were brought up in and what everyone told them (college is necessary and some people are basically brow beat into it by their parents) and then have the unmitigated gall to pretend “hey it’s a deal you agreed to fair and square, I mean yeah we had literally all the leverage and lied about the guaranteed outcome and overcharged you for things you could learn on Wikipedia and rarely gave you actual job skills you needed and still overcharged you for that service of the tune of well over six figures but come on man we both agreed fair and square”. It’d be a comical farce if it wasn’t reality and this guy didn’t actually believe that dumbass opinion was valid.

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