Rampant Manipulation: TMOR brigades a comment in a dead /r/conspiracy thread to -350

Ever play chess to the end and make the checkmate? Do you think the brigading game will ever end? Do you think of it gets exposed enough it will end? Has it occurred to you that: it's a fact, damn it, yes on a daily basis reddit hires many many mercenary outfits to shepard the public's discussion. This is the fourth estate after all.

What do you think would need to happen for reddit to stop doing this? I am very certain reddit will never stop. Its time to Wake TFup... and realize the truth : this here is a private forum.

furthermore... "Hey people of cyberspace", the whole internet is occupied by private entities which the masses have freely (and foolishly) chosen to be their "common ground" . The AI of this situation results in a massive core dump, time to deal with these foolish choices instead of asking others to.

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