Rant - R/mensrights is a rebranded incel pit and I don’t know why it’s on this site.

I can't get over how creepy that is. Like, so, they're claiming that women having bodily autonomy + choice oppresses them? That they don't give any fucks about the humanity of their partner nor whether or not she's compatible with him? That's disgusting.
And you can tell for a fact even if these men found someone, they'd be obsessed with the teen girl that rejected them back in high school still and get hang ups on anyone that doesn't want to date them because they're obsessed with the power/ego trip of gaining access to girls and women.

Also, shout out to starter wives and the hundreds of millions of women who married poor men only to be thrown out the wayside the second/cheated on the second her husband started having other options (some of who are real gold diggers). They're treated as if they don't exist in such discussions. It's almost like dating someone who sees people like objects to get upgrades on and who dates accordingly to opportunity is a bad idea...

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