[Rapoport] Pete Carroll will make over $11M per year as part of new extension with Seahawks

While he's arguably having a top 3-5 season this year, did anyone consider him a top 3-5 quarterback in the league this pre-season?

To answer the question. Matt Ryan is 2 years removed from an MVP season, the Falcons looked like dog shit most of the year. Phillip Rivers has been a borderline top 5 quarterback most of his career, went two straight season with 5 or less wins. Going by what he's doing this year, he's definitely still in his prime. Eli Manning had one of his best seasons while the Giants went 6-10. Broncos went 5-11 when Elway was 30. It was a strike shortened season, but Joe Montana went 3-6 the year after his first superbowl. Dan Marino went 6-10 at age 27. Drew Brees has been on 7-9 teams 5 times.

Granted, it doesn't happen much, but it does happen. Russell Wilson is good, but I don't think many legitimately think he carries that team to 10+ wins a year like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

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