I recently found out my (23F) fiancée (29M) cheated on me. I decided to give our relationship another shot, but extremely filled with anxieties. I make accusations out of fear of a repeat which hurts him. Am I being irrational?

I mean, he’s said he’s bad for you, and I see no reason to believe he’s wrong. Is this how you want your marriage to be? Feeling like you always need to peek over your shoulder (or his)? Constantly going through his browser history, looking for other girls? Because he will only get better at hiding things. That kind of paranoia will drive you crazy. You’ve now seen what kind of partner he is, and it’s unlikely he’ll change. Don’t overstay this relationship. The next betrayal will only hurt worse. It will only make it harder for you to take the high road. Leave with grace. At 23, the pool of men out there that are better for you is enormous and only growing. grow from it, and think of how many unbelievably wonderful people you’ll meet.

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