Police drop investigation into assault on cyclist, despite having car rego and witnesses

Police gave up on my case too.

Late last year I had a nutcase courier driver try and break into my car at a set of lights to get at me. He was furious because I'd honked at him just before on the motorway because he cut me off at a really dangerous speed (I was indicating and partway merged into the centre lane when he floored it from several car lengths back and swerved into the centre lane and very very very nearly hit me - I had to swerve hard back into my original lane and partially lost control from how hard I had to do it). Had the fucking thing caught on my dashcam. The only reason I didn't go public with the footage was because my parking permit was on the dashboard that clearly displayed my home address and I didn't want to be doxxed. After the driver tried and failed to get in (my doors were locked and I blasted the horn non stop to try get help from passers by) he stopped and made this big point of taking a photo of the front of my car, like he wanted me to know that he'd be seeing me later. I wasn't sure if his photo had captured my home address or not, and I was worried going public would cause him to check the photo and find my address and want retribution. My friends that I showed the footage to reckoned he was on meth because his eyes and motions were totally fucked up in it.

NZ Couriers did nothing! They straight up ignored me! They also refused to cooperate with the police until they were forced to. I had video evidence, his rego, everything.

Finally heard back from the police a couple of months later, and they told me "hey case is closed because we finally managed to find out who it was and we're not telling you his name. He said that he only wanted to talk to you calmly and ask why you honked at him, and that he never wanted to get into your car. NZ Couriers have given him a verbal warning, so we consider the matter closed."

A fucking verbal warning! For some guy who nearly ran me off the road and then stormed out of his car to try and break into mine! And they wouldn't even tell me his identity. He never once said a single word to me during the incident, he just kept trying to get through the door at me.

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