Recently single, this is my life now.

A couple times in my life a new friend said something about women that just left me feeling empty

Well there's everything from a sandwich or driving joke in poor taste (pretty inoffensive but not exactly a super intelligent thing to say) to making some offhand comment about women being bitches or some shit like that.

I had one friend who I really respect start saying nasty shit about women being bitchy... he has this weird fixation with good looking women talking down to him and treating him shitty. He's really short so I bet it has actually happened a few times but he's realllllly holding on to that. He told me he can tell from a woman's face when she's going to be "a cunt". Like, c'mon man, seriously? You're a programmer, bro. Get a brain... I actually still really like that guy and I usually try and talk him down from shit like that. He's got a lovely girlfriend now and it's put a lot of that to rest. He was divorced from a women with serious mental instability. So I try not to judge. I know that some people can be made into sexists from circumstances, it happens to women and men. But it's really, really sad to see it happen to people in my own life, you know?

Another friend I really liked stood a girl up because he decided she wasn't good looking enough. And then told me he lost respect for some other girl because she fucked on the first date. He treated her like crap and then stopped answering her calls. It was really nasty. I was like "c'mon, man, what are you doing?" and he didn't really know what to say. Eventually I told him to man up and apologize and he got chewed out pretty bad, but I think he felt better about it. But I was like "damn, dude." Because that was cold.

Occasionally you get the speculation that women suck at their jobs because they're women. I noticed this one lady I work with is super nice to me and I realized it's because I defer to her skillz (she's a senior engineer, I'm like 25) and I realized most dudes just streamroll her because some older women never learn that competitive shit from their upbringing, you know?

And then one other friend way back in the day started saying some whack shit about gay people and how they shouldn't get married... I know that's not the same thing but for some reason I feel like it's all related.

It's also 2am EST and I should be in bed and despite being loopy as fuck at this point I can't sleep.

hope that sheds some light on the kinda shit I'm talking about

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