A Redpill Guide for the Intern entering the Rat Race

How to Make Friends and Influence People

Fair book, with common sense principals. If one hasn't read this before venturing into the testosterone pits of the world then it just shows you their preparation skills. Either way. Good choice for those who lack in an ability to network.


When the student is ready then the teacher shall appear. Finding a mentor is a key aspect, but only once a person is ready for this.


This goes past office politics. The quality of your work directly influences your reputation. You can crank out ad-hoc assignments at a mediocre quality? Might get passed up on the big project that requires you to cross your Ts and dot your Is. Your reputation also extends out greatly from those who you have helped. Jimmy from accounting asked you for some really menial advice on a model? Well if you helped him, and you showed genuine interest in helping him, his words to others when you aren't around can carry. This effect doubles when it involves people in positions of power.


Great points. Develop a routine, it pays dividends in managing your priorities.

Keep lifting

Yup. If you want it you'll find a way. I used to wake up to hit the gym at 4 and then drive 2 hours into the city. If you don't want it bad enough you'll find an excuse.


I had some qualms with this section. These are great times to develop a rapport with others. You are not an island and you do not want to lock yourself in the castle. It comes down to discipline. I can have a smoke, or a drink and not develop an addiction because I know the goal of why I am participating in the activity. Obviously if you have prior engagements, or something more pressing you must use your discretion.

make it healthy and awesome - "I have my boxing class tonight", or "I'm playing pick up later, so I can't"

Don't be that guy. I pride myself in my health, however I never bring it up, even if it is in my plans. "I can't I have plans" is simple enough. Be resolute, you don't need to tell them the why.

Other than that, good post.

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