Requesting feedback on a new moderator

Of the people you listed, Asihna has been banned twice, Mawtani has been banned twice, Temren is permanently banned, and Jordanianman is a ban at present. Re: Shi'a Islam, you're referring to a single comment where I was asked about my religious views. I said that I'm relatively non-theist but that if gun to my head I had to pick a religion, I would pick Shi'a Islam because I find it beautiful.

And yet, you will CONSTANTLY find me in arguments with our Shi'a userbase over atrocities committed at the hands of Shi'a militias, and in argument with them over latent Shi'a supremacism that sometimes gets perpetuated here. I'm also HIGHLY HIGHLY critical of the government, and tend to favor groups like Liwwa Thuwwar Raqqa, YPG, and to a limited extent, Harakat Hazzm (when they still existed). But I recognize that THOSE are not the elements of the opposition who will hold Damascus in a victory scenario. And I can't in good conscious support an opposition dominated by Jaish al-Islam (much as I respect their prowess) Ahara al-Sham, or Jabhat al-Nusra. My preference for a regime victory is a practical one, not a moral one. I find Assad to be very repugnant and the crimes of his government VERY deserving of investigation, condemnation, and justice.

Re: your takfiri/wahabi and rafida/majoosi argument... there are differences. If takfiri or wahhabi is being used CORRECTLY it's not a slight, it's a definitive means of defining a group's theology. Whereas rafidah and majoosi are slurs. Followers of Wahhab identify as Wahhabi. Salafists identify as Salafist. No Shi'a identifies as a Rafidah or Majoo. And therein lies the difference. However, when wahhabist/takfiri/salafist is flung as a slur, you better believe I pull it.

Re: "Hezbulshaytan". We also don't allow "Nusrats" "Jabhat al-Qusra" "Da3shbags" or whatever other term, so I'm not sure what your point is there. The moderator team is not omnipresent, somethings get by. But by and large dehumanizing language for other groups is pulled no matter who uses it.

I'm sorry you don't like the make up of the moderation team, but you're flat out wrong about me being pro-anything other than pro-Syrian people.

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