Role Queue CONFIRMED to be coming to the main game (Time - 5:01)!

Okay, but you're turning a map advantage into a ridiculous map advantage with a bunker comp

54.5% win rate is good, it's not ridiculous.

What level do you play at? Bunker is strong but very beatable at diamond/masters level, it just takes a little coordination and managing ults.

We agree it needs nerfs to balance. We don't agree it's a near unbeatable comp with "god-tier DPS." I'm guessing you mean Bastian in that position as the DPS? Bastian has a win rate of 50.5%, he's very close to balanced. I know his win rate will change based on if he's in bunker or not, but Bastian is not some un-killable machine like he was season 8/9 or in Beta.

It needs nerfing, especially with role lock.

Again, we agree. But this conversation all started because you said, "the only way" to nerf the comp is Orsia shield. That I fundamentally disagree with. There's lots of ways to change bunker, some of which are nerfs to heroes, some of which are buffs.

To come at it some such a simple POV is not productive. Orsia shield is one facet of bunker and you can beat bunker without prioritising shield breaking (Dva/Sombra combo, Grav/Hanzo combo).

I like that it takes coordination to break the comp, this is a team game about coordination. I don't think we should be regressing the game to the point that teams are easy to beat without any plan or coordination.

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