Russia bans 'disrespect' of government

Imagine how bad it is for Russian citizens wishing their country could be a world leader. That vision is absolutely unattainable now because of Putin's (and his network of oligarchs) insatiable greed for power and money, and desire to continuously destabilize democratic countries like it's still the Cold War. As a Russian-American, nothing hurts more than seeing Putin destroy any chance of the Russian Federation being a great nation.

What's even worse is seeing a demented "millionaire" being elected the President of the United States with the help of Putin's efforts, and then systematically destroying American society and allies' trust through corrupt and idiotic domestic/foreign policy.

Americans have it better off than Russians, but we lost the first round against Putin's evil warfare trying to divide us. Vote in 2020 because the U.S.A. and any hope of correcting this wack timeline depends on it. One can hope we will win the second round, punt Corrupt Trump & GOP into the cells they deserve, and start fighting back again.

Иди на хуй Путин.

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