Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter

Yeah, nothing you said takes away from what I'm getting at though.

I'm specifically saying that you agreeing or not is changing your perception of if what she did matters or not. You're also bringing up YOUR freedoms as if they matter here. They don't. Nothing I said has anything to do with it being okay or not, and I went out of my way to make that clear.

If it was something you weren't okay with, you'd say it was significant.

Well, it's something they're not okay with.

I'm not commenting on if it's okay or not. I'm commenting on human perceptions and wishy washy changing up of how we discuss and identify things.

It's "nothing" an "insignificant" following and "action" to do these things, unless it was someone doing something you're not okay with.

If you don't like the "ISIS" angle, how about pedophelia? I'm sure we could find hoards of redditors calling for the death of a pedo who doesn't ever tweet themselves, but retweets pedo tweets to their 2600 followers. Or do you deny that? We'd absolutely find people who were "sick to their stomachs" that "so many people" would follow such a person.

Again, the perception changes completely for you and others based on if you agree with the situation or not. I find that really weird.

What she did shouldn't be wrong, but they are clearly actions of an activist, or someone who is highly supportive of it, much like you'd say if this was someone retweeting ISIS or pedo tweets.

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