As a second Amendment supporter, I'm scared of Biden.

I really wouldn't worry about it. I hated that biden included an "assault rifle" ban in his platform because i knew it would drive away moderates. But the truth is an "assault rifle" is wildly impractical. Beau of the Fifth column breaks this down very well on YouTube how gun laws based on magazine size or if it has a pistol grip are kinda nonsensical. M16s are just as easy to make as ARs arguably easier. If they are both illegal shootings will happen with faster guns. But the real reason not to worry is it is wildly unpopular. The left has changed alot. Im not talking liberals, im talking left of liberals. Americans bought like 10 million guns between March and October. Alot of those were first time gun owners. My friends left of liberal are all about arming and training minorities now. The time of thinking we can get rid of guns is gone. And the loudest people with guns are kinda fascists right now, which gets the left out of bed. And because it is not very popular, gun restrictions aren't gonna get passed. They probably won't even be seriously suggested

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