Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry™ Series

Seems like you’re just nostalgic for P3, ignoring its flaws to feel superior over the newer fans, who like the series despite never playing 3.

Yes, the themes in P3 are much more “in your face”, to the point of being cartoonishly edgy nowadays. They literally shoot themselves in the head to evoke their Persona, just to make sure you get that seriously guys, this game is about death.

You also randomly get a dog, a primary schooler, and android in your party, so if anything P4 and 5 were a step down in the wacky mascot department.

To say that there’s no meaning to “stealing their heart” is to be intentionally obtuse, they beat you over the head with the meaning of it almost as much as 3 does, and they frankly do a decent exploration of the meaning of redemption with it. 4’s themes are more generic, true, but they’re still clearly there- self-acceptance is a pretty obvious one. But then again, it’s hardly a more generic and overused theme than death and loss.

And your implication at the end that whoever enjoys 4 and 5 just isn’t “paying attention” is hilarious. You sound like exactly the kind of toxic gatekeeping fan the person above was talking about.

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