Should I broke up?

Yes. Anyway I dont want to break up over the text, I hope I can call him. I would like to tell you the way we meet its really special and I think he is my destiny. He text me on chat app when we stay in airport and then we know he and I have the same flight number and destination. Because misunderstand we dont know face and did not coffee together when the plane landing. He gone back to hotel and I back home then he said he will back to Germany tomorrow so we decided to go to coffee shop. Then we realize that we work in the same industry and same work. Ah in the airport I've taken a picture about the airport to send my sister to inform her. After 2 week I know him, when I view the galary again and I figured he also in the pic. We have a lot of difficult about culture and language but I just think about how i met him then I feel more energy to build this relationship. This reason why I expect to much in this relationship maybe it make him feel unconfortable.

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