We should be really glad Microsoft made the Xbox One very big with vents all over the console.

Never been a fan of this whole everything-has-to-be-small kick that people have been on, so I for one am quite fine with the Xbox One's design. I know how to build a space for things and I don't need those things to be microscopic.

With consoles, in my book, they're the kind of thing you want to function well with as little annoyance as possible. So if requiring more space accomplishes that, I'm all for it.

The huge Xbox One is probably the only good thing to have come as a result of the Xbox 360's red rings of death. And as someone who had 6? (might be 7, I honestly don't remember the count) Xbox 360's as a result of that issue, I'm glad that I havn't had to send my Xbox One back because somebody decided that the Xbox One needed to be a sexy woman instead of a thing. And since small = sexy (or at least that's the general public's idea... no offense to those of you that like the big girls), we had a smaller console that couldn't consistently execute the simple task of being cool due to trying to be aesthetically pleasing and cramming too many hot components into a tiny space.

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