Smooth Game Mode Transitions

I just ment we dont fight over who goes when. Its honestly one of the best changes to our game. Try it one session and I'd be willing to bet you like it in some respects. It really makes the game flow so much better.

Minis are awesome and making amazing layouts it very cool. When it comes down to RPGs it just ruins it for me personally. I'm painting a mini as I type(took a brief break) I have hundreds of minitures and have 3x3 terrain board for wargaming.

Maybe RPGs mean something different to you. To me it's about going on an adventure and making it as real as possible without actually being there. Acting as the characters and experiencing the magic presented to me. When minitures are layed out it just takes me out of the fantasy and puts me into moving game pieces.

If you enjoy it then you should have that. I'm not trying to convert anyone. Just pointing out what we do and why. What is great for us might not be great for you.

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