Society pretends that looks don't matter (especially on reddit)

You're not wrong, looks matter a lot in all aspects of life. I've personally experienced both sides of the spectrum and yeah, it's shallow and frankly, quite dumb how society is. No one wants to admit it because they don't want to appear shallow or they're not aware of it themselves.

Either way, looks are definitely not everything, they just get you in the door. If you don't have anything to back that up, you're going back out that same door. Plus, attractive people have problems, too. A lot of people don't take them seriously. "You're too good looking to be in any way intelligent" or a lot of people like you will look down on them because they think they have everything handed to them so they want to knock them down a peg. Well, most people aren't super attractive so there are tons of people trying to knock them down a peg. Have a nice car? They key it, and so on.

My point is everyone has problems are you just have to work with what you have. I don't understand stories like yours because I know severely unattractive people who are super charismatic, dress well, and get a ton of girls. I'm even intimidated by their confidence. It's all how you carry yourself.

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