Do you know someone who is total trash even though their parents were amazing with them growing up?

Ex best friend. Her parents adopted her, took amazing care of her, spent so much money on art supplies, horses, dance lessons. They were very gentle Bc she had a wide variety of mental issues. Depression, anxiety, eating disorder, self harm, and suicidal thoughts.

She became an alcoholic at age 13. Crazy. She screamed at her mother and called her a bitch for locking the knives away because she was cutting. She accused both her brothers of rape because she thought they were loved more because they weren’t adopted. She then accused the man she cheated on her boyfriend of rape, and then her boyfriend when he left her because of it. Then she accused her dad of rape because he took away her phone because she was sexting a 28 year old man when she was only in middle school. There’s countless more things, but I won’t bore you with an essay.

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