Sony Aims to "Aggressively Invest" in First-Party Studios & Continue to Partner With External Developers

Gamepass is great but so far MS has a total of one amazing exclusive and the great IPs they got were by straight up buying one of the biggest publishers.

And? No one's praising them for their exclusives. I'm a fan of Game Pass because I can get every new Xbox, Bethesda, and a variety of other games for 10 dollars on a month on my PC. That's a good thing for me and a lot of other consumers. What, should I not be happy about a good thing happening to consumers? How should I word my posts about Game Pass being cool so it can avoid this "circlejerk"? Should I just be constantly upset all the time?

But a potential Microsoft monopoly is great because everyone on Reddit has a PC and assumes the entire world is doing the same.

Lmao a company getting praise for a good thing does in no way equate to a monopoly. There's an article on the front page right now about the crazy high demand and sales of the PS5. The Switch is selling like absolute hotcakes. Microsoft is nowhere near a gaming monopoly and it's utterly asinine to assume so. Who's assuming everyone has a PC? Who's close to a gaming monopoly? Who exactly are you mad at here other than the imaginary "Reddit"?

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