“Sorry sunshine, wrong place”: New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters shuts down American coronavirus skeptic

Dude are you listening to yourself? Pull your head out of your ass, you’re on reddit, you’re nobody just like everyone else.

How can you claim to be a morally and intellectually superior when all you provided in your “argument” is that u/DangerouslyRandy is a “dumb cunt” and that he should be publicly shamed? And you have the authority to do that based on what exactly? Nothing. So shut the fuck up with your empty threats and come up with something better.

You tell him to know his place, Ironically, you don’t realize your own of being a societal succubus, barking about your moral superiority yet willing to humiliate and dehumanize anyone who disagrees with you. I hope one day you wipe the fogged up mirror in your head and realize you are the same exact scum you so passionate hate.

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