[Spoilers] Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) Rewatch Episode 2 Discussion

More farm learnin' adventures! Let's go!

01:07 — A moment of squeeee, both figurative and literal. Heh.

04:23 — Hm, don't just accept your place in the social order, don't just conform to your assigned role? Man, Japan, you've changed.

04:54 — Don't you condescend to me, you little shit! I'll cut off your math tutoring and leave you to twist in the wind!

05:48 — TIL Japan has cutsiefied even horse-racing. Don't you guys know horse tracks are supposed to be depressing places full of sad, desperate gambling addicts? Sheesh. Get it together.

07:10 — Ban'ei racing. My first thoughts: "'Frontier times'? Just when the heck would that be in Japan? And what a goofy way to race. Hey, is this real?" So I looked it up on Wikipedia. Read that it, like regular horse racing, is kind of a dying breed, and this particular type was ever only very local to Hokkaido. There's only one track left running it, and that only through the largesse of a cell phone company. Then I got a little sad for the passing of something I never even knew about before ten minutes ago and could still probably hardly be arsed to actually witness. (What is wrong with me?) Also, is "frontier times" just a translator's shorthand/simplification for some other, more accurate, but obscure term? I find it hard to believe any of Japan had been unsettled by the Meiji Era.

14:09 — Haha, they gave it an anime emotional reaction. One that reminds me of Yui from K-ON!.

19:05 — Huh? Turn in cell phones? What is going on here?

So, we get more character backstories. Serious Baseball-kun is feeling the weight of his family farm on his shoulders, Future Vet-kun is worried he doesn't have the ice water in his veins to do the heartbreaking things a veterinarian has to do, and Our Hero seems to be running away from something. Something to do with being the runt of the litter.

It's times like this I know the struggle of the Marathon Bug.

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